Reorder Inventory with Low Quantity

SellerCloud offers a service that will allow you track your inventory that is running low or completely depleted and with just a few a clicks enable a reorder.

  1. Navigate Inventory > Product >Toolbox > Purchasing.
  2. In the Inventory Low Notice On field, set an inventory low level at which the product will be filtered for notice of reorder.
  3. Set the field to a number for the Low Level quantity, for example 5, and click Save.
  4. Navigate Inventory > Unfillable Products
  5. Select Below Inventory Low Level. As soon as this item’s inventory level dips below 5, it will appear in this grid.
  6. When selecting Unfillable Orders, all unavailable items of back orders will be listed in the grid. Use the Order drop down to filter items that have already been ordered. Please be aware that for this to work, the status of a Purchase Order must have been changed from Saved or Pending to Ordered.
  7. You can also filter items by vendor so that the purchase order will only contain items for a particular vendor.
  8. Select the items you want to order and click Add to Purchase Order on the action menu.
  9. Another option is to drag and drop an item from the main grid into the purchase order cart. Then click Edit Cart and set up the rest of the purchase order on the following page.
When setting inventory low levels with a  bulk update, use the column header InventoryLowStockNotice.

Purchasing Forecast

Predictive purchasing can help you organize inventory levels and predict what quantities to order in the future based on the past sales. Predictive purchasing can also be set up to automatically create/suggest purchase orders via a schedule task. Read more here.

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