Replacement Products

Scan and Ship requires you to scan in the order items prior to printing shipping labels. However, some items, like batteries are really interchangeable; it doesn’t really matter if it’s Duracell or Energizer.

You can configure replacement SKUs for such items and allow Scan and Ship to recognize the replacement SKU.

  1. Product > Toolbox > Replacement Products.
  2. Click the Add Replacement SKU link and select a replacement product. Click Add Product. The replacement SKU will display in the grid.
  3. Open ShipBridge and navigate > Menu > Options > Scan and Ship tab.
  4. Enable option Allow scanning replacement SKU/UPC. Save setting.
  5. When shipping the order through Scan and Ship, scan in the replacement SKU.
  6. After shipping the order, the reserve on the ordered items will be lifted and the inventory on the replacement item will be adjusted accordingly.
Replacement SKUs only share quantity with the replaced SKU if you use Custom Calculations. Custom Calculations can be requested from SellerCloud Support.
Client setting: Consider ReplacementSKU Qty in BackOrder Calculation – If enabled, when an item is out of stock but its replacement SKU has stock, the order will not be marked as a back order.

Replacement Product for Kits

Kits can have replacements that have a different quantity configuration. For example,  a kit comprised of 12 packs of 50 = 600. It can be replaced by a kit of 30 packs of 20 = 600. Although the order will have a quantity of 12, you will still be able to add 30 packs of 20 as replacements. This works by enabling a setting in ShipBridge – Menu > Options > Scan and Ship > Look for Replacement Kit Items.

Export Replacements

To see the replacements products of any SKU, or multiple SKUs, select the product(s) on the Manage Inventory page and use the action Export Replacement SKUs. An export file will be generated that lists the SKUs and their replacements.

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