Channel Product Restrictions

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Understanding channel product restrictions

Some suppliers have restrictions on which sales channels their products may be sold. The Restrict Product For Channel feature lets you mark products as restricted from selling on a specific channel or channels.

The marked products will be restricted from posting and updating to the channel, and will be excluded in inventory or pricing feeds.

If you restrict a product that was already posted on the channel, it will not be excluded from the feed, but the quantity sent will be zero.


Setting channel restrictions

You can set channel restrictions from your Manage Catalog page or from your Settings.

To set restrictions from your Manage Catalog page:

  1. Go to Manage Catalog > Select products > Action icon > Restrict/Unrestrict Products For Channel. sellercloud manage catalog restrict unrestrict products for channel
  2. Select Channels > Choose to restrict or unrestrict > Update.sellercloud restrict and unrestrict products for channels
  3. A notification will confirm this action’s success. sellercloud restrict and unrestrict products for channels notification

To set restrictions from your Settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Client Settings > Brands > Click Edit Brandsellercloud restricted channels edit brand
  2. Check Restricted for channels you want to restrict > Click Savesellercloud channel restrictions


Managing channel restrictions

On the Channel Restricted Products page, you can manage all product restrictions. Here, you can filter by ChannelSKU or Add Restricted Products.

sellercloud channel restricted products page

You can remove restrictions by clicking on the desired channel icons. Or, you can do it in bulk on the Manage Catalog page.



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