Credit Memo: Returning Merchandise to Vendor

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Creating a credit memo

When returning an item to a vendor, create a Credit Memo that will update your inventory and billing. The inventory update will finalize when you select the Receive PO action.

  1. Go to Purchasing > Create New Purchase Order.
  2. Complete the Company, Vendor, PO Type, and Expected Delivery. The PO Type should be set to Credit Memo Click the arrow.sellercloud purchasing create new purchase order credit memo
  3. Select Add Products. You can search using filters or a SKU list.sellercloud purchasing create new purchase order add productssellercloud purchasing create new purchase order add products filters
  4. Or, upload products in bulk with an import file: Download template > Populate columns > Save > Click to upload file Upload.sellercloud purchasing create new purchase order added products
  5. Select products > Continue > Select products > Add Selected.sellercloud purchasing create new purchase order added products
  6. Click the blue arrow > Complete Billing Address and Ship To windows. When finished, click the green flag.
  7. Select Ok. On the details page, you can edit any information, add or edit products, and more.

After you set the details on the newly created credit memo, you can add products and do most actions available for normal POs.

To finalize the credit memo, you must select the action Receive Whole PO from Actions. This will mean that the items are returned  to the vendor and they will be subtracted from your inventory. You can also open the credit memo and select Ship Credit Memo from Actions.

If you want to create a Credit Memo from an existing Purchase Order, open the PO details page and select Create Credit Memo from Actions.


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