Salesman Cost

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Understanding Salesman Cost

Some businesses add a percentage to the purchasing cost of an item to account for external costs such as warehousing fees, repackaging fees, etc. This added cost is calculated to create a special Salesman Cost. The salesman cost will be used in place of the SiteCost when calculating the salesman commission.

For example, lets say that the commission rate is 5% and Salesman Cost is set as 4% over the SiteCost. If an order’s total is $200 and the item’s SiteCost is $100, then that should equal a profit of $100. However, the salesman cost adds 4% to the item cost, which brings the cost up to $104. Therefore, the profit is adjusted to $96 and the commission due to the salesman is now $4.

The idea of the editable Salesman cost is that you can manually set the cost on the product (different from the AverageCost or SiteCost).  People related to sales will consider this as the actual cost and then price the products accordingly.


Adjusting Salesman Cost

Salesman cost is enabled in Client Settings by checking Enable Salesman Cost.  The Salesman Cost field, which will now display on the Product Home page and the Purchasing page, is updated based on a percentage of the SiteCost that is entered on this client setting. When using this client setting, the Salesman Cost is used as the cost of the product when generating the Salesman Commission Report. 

The Salesman Cost can also be an editable field. In order to have an editable field for Salesman cost, you must disable client setting Enable Salesman Cost __% and enable client setting Allow Free Edit Salesman Cost. When the Salesman Cost is editable, there is no functionality for Salesman Commissions. 

Setting Salesman Cost

  1. Go Client Settings > Advanced.
  2. Select Purchasing > Enable Salesman Cost > Input Salesman Cost %.sellercloud client settings advanced purchasing enable salesman cost
  3. Save.sellercloud advanced client settings enable salesman cost saveIf a user sets the Salesman Cost to be lower than the SiteCost, AverageCost, or LastCost, then there will be a warning when the page is saved.


Setting employee restrictions

  1. To restrict your employees from seeing costs other than the Salesman cost, you can enable the client setting Hide Costs From Employees. This will hide all costs from all employees that are not the role of either Administrators, Client Admins, or Pricing Admins.
  2. If you would like an employee to be able to see the Salesman Cost, then add role Salesman Cost View to their employee profile.
  3. If you would like an employee to be able to edit the Salesman Cost, then add role Salesman Cost Edit to their employee profile.


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