Scheduling with Product Group Series

Check out this short tour on creating listing campaigns by scheduling eBay auctions with the product group series or product group set.

Scheduling an eBay listing with a Product Group Series will enable you to create a campaign of multiple products. This will eliminate the legwork of scheduling an auction for each individual product. This feature is usually utilized when creating a campaign for similar products.

When scheduled as a series, Sellercloud will post all products in the Product Group in a random order, beginning at the given start date and according to the interval schedule.

The following steps outline how to auction with a Product Group Series.

  1. Hover on the Inventory and scroll down to Product Group. Select Product Series from side menu.
  2. Click Create New Series.
  3. Select Company and Product Group. Read more about Product Group.
  4. Enter values into the remaining fields (explained below) and save.
  5. An Action Menu will appear where you can preview and generate listings.
  • Listings Per Product – It’s probably better to keep it low or even at 1. You don’t want to compete against your own listing. Read about eBay’s Duplicate Listing policy.
  • Selling Format – Campaigns work in all three selling formats.
  • Posting Interval – This feature capitalizes on the fact that eBay is more likely to display, for a search result, an auction ending in five minutes than one ending in five hours. By spacing the posting time, and by extension the ending time, you may influence eBay search results and sell more inventory from this product group.
  • Listing Duration – duration of listing from the time product is posted.
  • Start Date and Time – Date and Time of when posting begins.
  • Enable Blackout Time – the time of day you do not want to sell your item. Sellercloud will not post any auctions during that time.
  • Recurring – Selecting this option will enable Sellercloud to continually post your product at the set frequency until the set end date. Items that sell well should have a shorter recurring date. Setting frequency on 52 and selecting weeks will auto-list the product every week for the whole year.

The following two Windows services must be enabled in order to allow a recurring auction (these can be enabled by SellerCloud Support):

Product Group Auction Services

The Auction of any given item will continually post until the end date or until the inventory has sold out.


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