Schedule Listings in eBay

With the Listing Manager, you can create an auction campaign where a product (or products) is listed multiple times. The concept of the Listing Manager is to create campaigns easily by means of a campaign template.

As with any scheduled auction, the goal is to target a specific audience. For example, if you sell insomnia supplements, you would schedule that campaign for after midnight hours (so that the auction ends after midnight) to target when insomnia sufferers are most likely to go online looking for some help.

Important! The Windows service eBayProductListingService must be enabled to allow a recurring auction. This service can be enabled by SellerCloud Support.
  1. There are two ways to schedule products in groups. Details are available in these two topics:
  2. Individually, every product can be listed from the eBay Listing Manager multiple times.
You can check the timeline of your listings if you go to the product’s Toolbox > eBay Queued Listing.

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