Sell on BestBuy DS

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Sellercloud integrates with BestBuy DS using a VAN to transmit EDI documents.

BestBuy DS Integration

  1. Go to your selected company’s toolbox and open the BestBuy DS > General settings page.
  2. Fill in your credentials provided by BestBuy:
    • Customer ISA Qualifier— Enter ZZ
    • Customer ISA ID— Customer ID
    • ISA Qualifier and ID

  3. Fill in the related VAN FTP setting

  4. Enable the channel from the checkbox on top and test your settings from the Action Menu > Test FTP Credentials.
  5. Enable the automatic feed controls on the bottom

BestBuy DS Products

It is not recommended to have the BestBuy and BestBuyDS integrations in the same company, since there is only 1 product page for BestBuy. Products enabled for BestBuy will be posted to the channel. Inventory and price uploads will be automated if set on company level.

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