Sell on Bonanza

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Selling on Bonanza

Bonanza is a niche marketplace that focuses on hard-to-find products including fashion, collectibles, artwork, crafts, vintage and antiques, stamps, memorabilia and more. Although their motto is “Everything but the ordinary,” Bonanza does have product categories for more typical consumer products as well such as electronics, books, sporting goods and more.

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Bonanza Traits

Bonanza Traits are similar to eBay Item specifics. Based on the Bonanza category selected, traits specific to that category will display on the Bonanza Properties page. Traits are generally not required but can improve your listings and chance of sale.

Exporting Bonanza traits

The export will be pre-filled with the products and  their selected categories. It will contain a separate row for each trait. Populate the “Values” column. You can also edit the categories and the relevant trait fields if necessary.

  1. Access Catalog > Manage Catalog > Select your item.
  2. Select Export Bonanza Traits from the action menu.

Importing traits via bulk update

  1. Navigate Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info > Import Bonanza Traits.
  2. Download template. Sellercloud supports .xls, .csv, and .txt.
    Sellercloud import bonanza traits function
  3. Populate your columns > save file.
  4. Return to Import Bonanza Traits. Click to upload file > Import.


Bonanza Categories

Bonanza categories can be downloaded into Sellercloud by Sellercloud Support. This is done periodically to ensure up to date categories. However, if you are aware of a category change or if categories have not yet been downloaded on your account, contact Sellercloud support to re-download the Bonanza categories.


Bonanza Orders

Automate Bonanza Order Download and Tracking Upload

These settings are per-company based. Click Settings to choose your company from the Manage Companies grid.

  1. Navigate Toolbox > Bonanza > General Settings.
  2. Click Edit > Access Controls.
  3. Check Enable Order Download. The order download fee runs approximately every 60 minutes.
    sellercloud sell on bonanza enable order download
  4. Check Enable Tracking Export Upload. Tracking and Ship Date will automatically be sent to update the order status on Bonanza in the next feed, which runs approximately every 60 minutes.
    sellercloud sell on bonanza enable tracking export
  5. Click Save.

Cancel a Bonanza Order

Cancelling Bonanza must be done on the Bonanza seller portal; there is no API call available for cancelling. After canceling the order on Bonanza, set the order as cancelled in Sellercloud.

  • Access Orders > Manage Orders > Select order > Actions > Set Cancelled Internally > Yes.


Listing on Bonanza

Products need to be ready for Bonanza before posting.
  1. Access Catalog > Manage Catalog > Choose your Bonanza listing.
  2. Select Toolbox > Bonanza > General Settings.
  3. Click Edit. Under General, click Bonanza Enabled > Save.
    sellercloud bonanza enable bonanza general settings


Updating Bonanza Listings

Automatic Updates to Bonanza

  1. Access Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Choose your company.
  2. Click Toolbox > Bonanza > General Settings.
  3. Select Edit > Enable Inventory and Price Upload > Save.
    sellercloud bonanza general settings inventory and price upload


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