Sell on Hayneedle Overview

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Selling on Hayneedle

Hayneedle ( is a nationally recognized online store dedicated to home furnishings and improvement. Their categories include furniture, decor, and storage, as well as fitness equipment, table games and toys, and gifts for the home.

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Complete Hayneedle Trading Partner Onboarding Sheet

Hayneedle integrates with suppliers via EDI files transmitted to specialized FTP sites. The client needs to contact Hayneedle  and provide them with the Customer ISA information (See below). Hayneedle will then provide the client with a Supplier ID.
  • Qualifiers/ISA— Use table below.
  • Connect Method— VAN
  • 3rd Party Vendor Name— Liason
  • ANSI x12 version— 4030
  • EDI Documents requested— 846, 810, 850, 997, 855, 856

Complete Sellercloud Hayneedle settings.

  1. Company Settings > Company > Toolbox > Hayneedle Settings.
  2. Enter the following ISA Qualifiers and ID’s.
     Customer ISA Qualifier  ZZ
     Customer ISA ID  This is an arbitrary number. Typically, the client’s  phone number is used.
     Hayneedle ISA  01
     Hayneedle ISA ID  001658520 (use 001658520T for testing)
     Supplier ID  This should have been provided to you by  Hayneedle
  3. Enter the FTP Credentials. This will be supplied by Sellercloud Support.
  4. Click Actions > Test FTP Credentials.
  5. Check Hayneedle Enabled.

Hayneedle Testing

Before going live with Hayneedle they will request you to upload tracking and inventory and also acknowledge a test order. Complete this process after following the steps above.

Note: If you want a dedicated Sellercloud rep to help you through the testing process, you must enroll in Premium Support.


Enabling automatic settings for Hayneedle

To access:

  1. Go to Company Settings > Company > Toolbox > Hayneedle > General Settings.
  2. Click Edit. Use Hayneedle General Settings to automate inventory uploads, order fulfillment uploads, order downloads, and more.sellercloud company settings hayneedle general settings

Warning: If you had selected a SKU’s Hayneedle Discontinue setting (Product Summary > Toolbox > Hayneedle Properties); for example, to temporarily send zero quantity, be sure to disable this setting when you want to restart sending inventory for this SKU.

Automating Hayneedle order download and tracking upload

  • Enable Order Download— Orders download approx. every hour. Make sure that shipping method mapping is configured. See below
  • Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement— Informs Hayneedle that the order document has been received
  • Enable Order Fulfillment Upload— sends tracking automatically to Hayneedle
  • Enable Invoice Upload— Invoices Hayneedle for every shipped order

Note: Pricing updates must be negotiated with a Hayneedle buyer and manually updated; no option exists for Hayneedle to automatically update pricing from Sellercloud.


Manually updating inventory on Hayneedle

You can manually send inventory updates to Hayneedle from the Manage Catalog page:

  • Select Products > Action Menu > Update Inventory on Channel > Hayneedle > Update.


Hayneedle Shipping Method Mapping

Hayneedle will send a shipping code with the order to instruct you how to ship the item. However, that code will need to be “deciphered and translated” to a shipping method recognized by Sellercloud. Additionally, the carrier used for shipping included in the tracking notification needs to be sent back in the code recognized by Hayneedle.

The shipping method mapping can be configured from Company Settings > Company > Hayneedle > Shipping Method Mapping.

  • On the mapping page you can mark a service as Rush. It will also cause the order-level shipping method to take precedence over a product-level shipping method. Read more about shipping method precedence here.

Hayneedle Invoices/Packing Slips

As a fulfillment channel, where the customer is buying from Hayneedle, the required packing slip must conform to Hayneedle’s formatting requirements.

With Hayneedle orders, an Hayneedle-formatted packing slip will print out as the invoice from each order. This is done by default and requires no configuration. However, if Per-channel Invoices is enabled, you would need to configure the invoice as instructed here.

Cancelling a Hayneedle Order

Hayneedle order cancellation must be done on the Hayneedle seller portal. After cancelling the order, set the order as cancelled in Sellercloud as well from the Manage Orders page.

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