Updating Bin Qtys Using an Import File

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Understanding adjustment types

Sellercloud, through the use of an import file, offers the ability to initialize or update bins using an Excel template. Additionally, if your bin quantities are maintained in a system external to Sellercloud, this is an easy way to update all quantities in Sellercloud at one time.

Initial product bin adjustment

This adjustment type should just be used the first time you are updating bin quantities. This is because the import will zero out quantities of all products in all warehouses included in the import file before Sellercloud does bin adjustments. Please contact Sellercloud Support before using this feature.

Basic product bin adjustment

Any bin quantity updates following the first, using Initial Product Bin Adjustment, will use the Basic Product Bin Adjustment type.

Enter a simple positive/negative value in the bin quantity you are setting. Example: If you have 5 qty in the bin and want to only have 3, you would adjust -2.


Updating bin qtys using an import file

  1. Access Inventory > Tools > Import Inventory Info.
  2. Select Import Warehouse Bin Info > Download template. You can choose from Excel, CSV, or TAB Delimited.
  3. 3. Populate file columns.sellercloud initializing bin update via import example excel template
  4. Return to Sellercloud > Click to upload file.
  5. Select an Adjustment Type > Import.


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