Shadow Persistency

Learn about shadow persistency in SellerCloud’s Delta interface! This short tutorial starts with how to convert a product into a shadow.

All of the instructions below are for SellerCloud’s original interface.

“Shadow persistence” defines which attributes are linked between a SKU and its shadow. You can link all types of properties, including those related to channels.

Some fields, such as Quantity, are always shadow-persistent and cannot be disabled.

To define which product attributes transfer from the parent to the shadow:

  1. Click Settings > Shadow Persistent Fields.
  2. Select a properties Table from the dropdown.
  3. Find the field in the table.
  4. Select to transfer the field when creating the shadow (New Product Only) or when updating the parent (Update Product Only). This latter option means that anytime that field is updated on the parent product, the field will update on the shadow. Note that you can select both fields. Warning! Making changes here will reflect on existing shadow relations for your products.
  5. Click Save List.
The Client Setting Enable Images to be shadow persistent will control the copying of images onto shadows.

Disconnecting shadow persistence

You can disconnect shadows from their parent.

To remove the relationship:

  1. Open the parent SKU’s Toolbox > Shadows.
  2. Check the Disconnect Shadow Persistency box to disconnect the shadow.
  3. Click Update Shadow Persistency.

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