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Direct Link, a division of PostNord, is an international distribution and logistics company that ships parcels throughout Europe, as well as registered mail to more than 200 countries worldwide.

ShipBridge can print shipping labels that meet Direct Link’s label requirements and format.
Direct Link with give you a range of tracking numbers that are to be entered into ShipBridge. There are separate ranges for Registered Mail and for Parcel shipment. Shipbridge will then print out labels, beginning with the first tracking number. You will be able to print out labels until the tracking number range is depleted. Another range will then need to be entered into ShipBridge to continue printing labels.
Please note: You may need to work out an arrangement with Direct Link to pick up your shipments, or you may need to ship it to a distribution center. Please contact Direct Link directly for more information.
Below are instructions where to enter the range in ShipBridge, as well as how to configure other Direct Link options.
  1. Open ShipBridge.
  2. Navigate Menu > Options > Carriers tab > Direct Link.
  3. Select Use Direct Link from the dropdown.
  4. Select printer and labeltype. Check “Printer is thermal” if applicable.
  5. Select up to 2 label references.
  6. If preferred, check and set the option to be alerted when there are less than a given number of available tracking numbers.
  7. Enter the tracking number ranges for mail and parcel.
  8. Select the appropriate Customs Content type.
  9. Press the test button to preview a direct Link label and ensure it’s working well with your printer.
  10. Save.

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