Shopify Categories

Please read first! This topic explains Shopify categories in the Delta interface. For instructions in Sellercloud’s original interface, please download this file.

Downloading Shopify categories for selection

To download Shopify categories into Sellercloud for individual products:

  1. Click Company settings > Toolbox > Website > SellerCloud Integrated Website > Shopify Categories > click Re-download Categories. The categories will appear below.
    sellercloud shopify download categories
  2. Optional: You can also export the category IDs and names into an Excel file for bulk-updating products by clicking Export Categories.
    sellercloud exported website categories
Downloaded categories also appear on the Website Properties page for products that are website-enabled, so you can save them there (show me where).

Bulk-updating products’ Shopify categories

Check out this short tutorial on bulk-updating products!

  1. Use the template column header Website Category, and enter the category name as the column value.
  2. Optional: To add multiple categories to a single product, separate the category with the tilde sign, as follows: category name 1~category name 2~category name 3.

Shopify Smart Collections

Shopify’s Smart Collections, also known as a custom collection, work like categories, but are rules that you set up directly in Shopify, not Sellercloud, and download them in the same way as categories.

For example, all of the SKUs with the word “cashmere” in the title would be in a single collection.

Enabling Smart Collections will download the smart collection instead of the regular categories. To enable:

  1. Follow this path: Company Toolbox > Website > SellerCloud Integrated Website > Shopify General > click Use smart collections.

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