Splitting an Order

The Split Order action enables an order to be split into two separate orders. This is useful when items in a order need to be shipped to separate destinations, or when partial payment is paid, or for other reasons.

Orders can be split from SellerCloud or from ShipBridge.

Splitting an order from SellerCloud

The client setting Enable Split Order Authorized Payment Workflow allows split orders to be marked as paid when they are created.
  1. Open the Order Detail page and select Split Order
    from the action menu.
  2.  Select which items to split into new order.
  3. Click Split Order from the and a new order with the selected items will
    be created.
  4. By default, all split orders will retain the order source, like Amazon. This can be controlled per channel on Settings > Order Split Setting.
  5. The OrderSourceOrderID will not transfer to the split order, to prevent a double shipping confirmation on the order source. When the 1st order gets shipped, the order on the channel gets marked as shipped, even though part of the order is not yet shipped.
When splitting an order with kits, you should only select and split quantities from the kit components. Do not select and split the parent components.

Splitting an order from ShipBridge

  1. Menu > Options > Scan and Ship. Enable option Allow Splitting Order. (Enables splitting both in Scan and Ship window and order grid.)
  2. Right click on the order in the order grid.
  3. Select Split Order from the context menu.
  4. On the next window, select the order items to split and enter the quantity you are moving to the new order in the “Quantity to Move” field.
  5. Press Split Order at the bottom right.
  6. The new split order will display at the bottom left.
When splitting an order with kits, you should only select and split quantities from the kit components. Do not select and split the parent components.

Auto Splitting Orders

There is a company level setting to automatically split multi-item orders into separate orders. When enabled this will split both multiple SKUs and multiple units of one SKU into separate orders. the order will split as they are created in SellerCloud; the setting will not affect existing orders.
Company Settings > Toolbox > Shipping.


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