Updating Magento Listings

Automatic Updates

SellerCloud sends automatic updates periodically. These update feeds can update a listing price, quantity, or disable listings. This automation is controlled by enabling the appropriate settings on the Magento General Settings page.

Manual Updates

After editing the quantity, select Update Inventory on Magento. After changing the listing price, select Update Magento Price from the Action Menu. Both of these actions can be performed on the Magento Properties page on the product level or on the Manage Inventory page (updating inventory only).

Updating a Matrix Parent

By default the inventory and price feeds will not update the Matrix parent. However, they can be included by enabling client setting Allow To Send Matrix Parent Inventory And Price To Magento.

By default, SellerCloud will not update the stock status of the item in Magento. Meaning, even if a product has a quantity of 0, the status will still be In Stock. To control and update the product Status when updating inventory enable the client setting Send Instock Status to Magento based on inventory availability.
Click here to learn about updating products in bulk.

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