Updating Profit & Loss with Updated Item Costs

When adjusting or updating the cost on an item, use the following procedures to update P&L for related orders. This can be done in a single order or in bulk.

Updating a single order

  1. From the order’s Action menu > ReCalculate Order Cost > Go.
  2. After seeing the message “Order Cost re-calculated successfully,” click the P&L tab’s Re-generate P&L icon and await the message “P&L re-generated successfully.”

Updating orders in bulk

Before you Generate P&L for 5000+ orders, check with SellerCloud Support.
  1. From the Manage Orders page, search for orders with a specific SKU or SKUs.
When searching for orders, set the Max Records filter to a higher number than the number of order records found, and set the Advanced Search’s Order Date Range to “All Dates.”
  1. Enable the Select all pages option > Action menu > Re-Calculate Order Cost > Go. This creates a queued job.
  2. When completed, on that same Manage Orders page > Action menu > Generate P&L > Go. This creates a queued job to update the orders.

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