USPS SCAN Form – End of Day

Sometimes, especially when shipping large volumes of orders, the post office does not scan the package tracking. Although the customer receives the tracking number, it will not be searchable on USPS. By printing out a PS5630 Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (SCAN) form, a label will be printed with a bar code that contains all the USPS orders that were shipped (meaning labels printed) that day. This label will not include unshipped and refunded labels in ShipBridge. Now all USPS needs to do is to scan that one label and all orders will be entered into the USPS tracking system.

The following are instructions for printing SCAN forms when using one ELS account for all companies and printing from one ShipBridge installation.
  • If you have separate ELS accounts for different companies (configures in ShipBridge under Per-Merchant accounts), you will need to print the SCAN form directly from Endicia’s site. Read how to here.
  • The SCAN form will only include labels printed from that PC. If you have multiple ShipBridge installations, you should print a SCAN form directly from Endicia’s site. Read how to here.

  1. Open the ShipBridge Menu.
  2. Select Postage Log.
  3. Select desired shipments.
  4. Click Print ELS/E1 SCAN Form (button on bottom of module).
  5. Click Print.
  6. Select a printer to print the bar code. You can save the printer to default.
  7. Have postmaster scan bar code.
Labels included in the SCAN Form cannot be refunded.
Note: Shipping USPS via webservices will register the tracking number in USPS, so an End of Day is not necessary for USPS.

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