Validating the UPC or EAN

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Understanding UPC and EAN

When adding a new product to your catalog, you can validate the UPC or EAN. A UPC is a Universal Product Code, or best known as the barcode. An EAN is A European Article Number used in global trade. To validate either of these product identification codes, you must go to Client Settings and check Enable UPC Validation. When saving the UPC to the product, this process will:

  • Verify that another product in the same company does not have an identical UPC (It will not check another company under the same client)
  • Verify that the UPC is between 12-15 characters
  • Validate UPC’s accuracy. Validity is established if the UPC’s last digit (known as the “check digit”) confirms the accuracy of the UPC by means of a special algorithm

To allow UPC duplication on a parent product of Independent kits, enable the sub-setting Enable UPC Validation- Individual Kit Override. This is necessary because kits with an Independent dependency are recognized as a separate product from the individual components, while they physically consist of same products with the same UPCs.

To access:

  1. Go Client Settings > Advanced.
  2. Select Security > Enable UPC Validation > Save.sellercloud advanced client settings enable upc validation


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