Vendor Quantity Discounts

Vendors may offer discounts for purchasing more than a certain quantity of a given product. The discount affects the profit and loss of that particular product. For example, the regular cost of SKU123 is $20. However, if you buy 200, the cost of each unit is $18. If you buy 500 units, the cost goes down to $15 a piece.
SellerCloud can manage quantity discounts for each product individually, even with tiered level discounts, and even with different vendors offering discounts for the same product. The vendor cost of the product will adjust on any given PO, based on the vendor, to reflect the quantity level discount.
  1. Enable the client setting:Enable Qty Discount on Purchase Orders
  2. Open the toolbox on the product you want to configure discounts
  3. Select Discounted PO Prices.
  4. Select the vendor.
  5. Add a discount quantity.
  6. Add the price for the item when purchasing the set quantity.
  7. Save the discount. discount will display in the grid below.
  8. Repeat the process to add another discount with a different quantity and price, as well as configuring discounts of other vendors for this product.
  9. Delete a discount by selecting it in the grid and clicking Delete from the Action Menu.

When this item is added to a PO, it will load with the discounted cost based on the quantity ordered on that PO.

Vendor Quantity Discounts can be imported in bulk. Navigate Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product Vendor Qty Discount. Download the sample and populate the columns. Then import it through the Import Product Vendor Qty Discount page.


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