Walmart Marketplace Canada Onboarding/Integration

For onboarding and integration instructions for Walmart Marketplace, see this page.

With a growing customer base and millions of unique visitors, Walmart Canada ( is one of the highest-ranking Canadian online marketplaces in terms of net sales. Sellercloud is an approved full service Walmart Solution Provider with all the integrated tools you need to optimize your ecommerce business from listing to fulfillment and everything in between.

After your application to become a Walmart Marketplace Canada seller is approved and you have a Walmart Marketplace Program Seller Agreement, they will send you a welcome email to start your onboarding process.

Completing registration must be done within 48 hours of receiving your Welcome email !

The workflow for seller onboarding with Walmart Marketplace Canada has 6 components:

  1. Complete registration for user and partner accounts
  2. Complete your partner profile
  3. Connect accounts
  4. Upload items and test orders
  5. Confirm launch readiness
  6. Complete the integration
If you have not applied to sell on Walmart Marketplace Canada yet, you can apply right here.

Completing account registration

When you receive email from Walmart with the subject “Congratulations! Time to Set up Your Account on Walmart Marketplace!“, you can set up your user account and partner account:

  1. Click the registration link in your Welcome email.
  2. Create your User Account:
    1. Username – Use the contact email associated with your application. This is your registered email address.
    2. Password – Create a unique password to open a new user account in Walmart Seller Centre.
  3. Register your company to create your partner account. You are required to enter your display name in both English and French.
    • Display Name – Name that appears on
    • Address (used internally) – To enter Canadian provinces and postal codes instead of states and zip codes, select Canada from the Country dropdown

    Note: Your company that is integrating with Walmart Canada must have a Country Code of “CA” and a currency of “CAD” in Sellercloud. If you do not have a Canadian company, create one with that configuration in Sellercloud:

  4. Configure your shipping rates and standard processing schedule: When you start setting up items, Walmart must know what to charge for shipping, so what you configure here represents your default shipping price models for all your items on If you have items that are exceptions to these defaults, you can create shipping exceptions during Item Setup.
  5. Click Save and Complete. Once you complete registration, you are automatically logged into Walmart Seller Centre where you can manage your Partner Account.
  6. Set up your payment information with Payoneer, Walmart’s partner to process marketplace payments, following the instructions in this article from Canada Marketplace Seller Help: Update Your Payment Info.
    You must be registered with Payoneer to receive Walmart payments.Before proceeding, take note of the following key points directly from Walmart:

Registration for new Payoneer accounts and updates to active ones will begin on the Payment Info tab but be completed on the Payoneer website.

Only users given the Admin role can see and manage financial settings for your company.

Although your company may have more than one administrator, your Payoneer account is linked to your Partner ID, so all admins will log in using the same Payoneer credentials established during registration.

Completing your partner profile

The second step in the onboarding process is creating your partner profile. This is the representation of your company to customers on

  1. Complete the profile by clicking each of the following tabs:
  • Company info
  • Customer service
  • Shipping rates
  • Return policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Federal and provincial taxes

For instructions about each tab, see this article from Canada Marketplace Seller Help: Complete Partner Profile.


Connecting accounts

To integrate Sellercloud with Walmart Marketplace Canada:

  1. In Seller Centre, click the Settings icon.
  2. Select API > Consumer IDs & Secret Keys.
    Note: You must have an Admin role type in Seller Centre to see the API section.
  3. Click the Create Consumer ID and Secret Key link. The API page will appear on the Consumer IDs & Private Keys tab. Copy your generated Consumer ID and Private Key.
  4. Log into Sellercloud.
  5. Open your company’s Walmart Marketplace Settings page and do the following:
    1. Paste the ID and Key copied from Seller Centre into the Consumer ID and Private Key fields.
    2. Select the setting Enable Test/Integration Mode.
    3. In the Walmart Display Name field, enter your company name as it will appear to your customers.
    4. Click Save Settings.
    5. Click Action Menu > Verify Private Key. It may take up to 24 hours after you generated the keys for them to be available for this verification. If so, wait for them to be available and repeat.

Uploading and testing items/orders

You can perform this step of the workflow in either of these locations:

  • Seller Centre
  • Sellercloud
Uploading and testing items/orders in Seller Centre:
  1. Choose an integration method (either API or Bulk Upload) and follow the instructions in the “Item Setup” section in this article from Canada Marketplace Seller Help: Complete Item Setup.
  2. Confirm that your items appear how you want on
  3. Test your order integration with Walmart Marketplace with a small number of orders in the following 3 scenarios:
  • Order cancellation
  • Order shipping
  • Order refund

Follow these instructions in this article from Canada Marketplace Seller Help: Preview Items and Place Test Orders on Before Going Live.

Uploading and testing items orders in Sellercloud:

  1. Ready a product for Walmart Marketplace and post it.
  2. Test your order cancellation, shipping, and refunding processes following these instructions.
  3. When done, go to Seller Centre and select the Complete Item & Order Testing option on the Launch Checklist.


Confirming launch readiness

After you complete all the steps on Seller Centre, confirm that you are ready for your catalog to go live on

Ensure you meet all of Walmart’s go-live criteria! For the list, see this Canada Marketplace Seller Help article: Confirm You Are Ready To Launch.
  1. Click the Go Live button.
  2. At the confirmation pop-up, click Confirm. This sends a message to the Walmart Marketplace Integration team, who will confirm that the data flow is working and will make your account live on

Completing the integration

  1. Configure the Walmart Marketplace Shipping Method Mapping in Sellercloud. Mark rush order services as necessary.
  2. Upon receiving permission to go live, enable all relevant options on the Walmart Marketplace General Settings page: Inventory, Orders etc.

Learn how to add new products to your Sellercloud account via Walmart Marketplace.

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