Wholesale Customers

Understanding wholesale customers

A wholesale customer is a customer buying items in large quantities often at discounted prices. It is not uncommon for these types of customers to repeat their bulk purchases. In Sellercloud, you can use default settings on individual customers that ensure when these orders come in it won’t require any manual adjustments. This means your wholesale customers get what they need when they need it without any heavy lifting on your end.

Wholesale customers can be managed under Customers > Manage Customers. Locate the customer and configure the following settings:

  • Mark customer as Wholesale Customer— This setting will automatically mark orders made my wholesale customers as wholesale orders.
  • Allow Shipping unpaid orders This will allow orders to be shipped without payment, as wholesale customers pay periodically.
  • Tax exempt— This will mark wholesale customers as tax exempt to prevent applying tax from local order.
  • Configure wholesale pricing options These settings can be adjusted per product, pricing calculations, discounts, or shipping totals.
  • Configure credit terms and limits Setting up payment terms for wholesale customers controls the amount of time a wholesaler has to pay, as they pay periodically.
  • Configure default shipping options Adjusting default shipping options makes it easy to provide the same shipping service consistently to wholesale customers.
  • Track Orders— Wholesale orders can be filtered on the Manage Orders grid. Orders are also saved on the customer level.
  • Per Customer Invoice Selection Invoices can be created for specific customers through an invoice plugin.


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