Wholesale Order Overview

Check out this short tutorial on manually creating wholesale orders in SellerCloud’s Delta interface!

A wholesale customer may be treated differently than a retail customer. Credit can be extended to the customer, and there may be per customer pricing. Sales tax is not collected from wholesale customers.

See how to configure wholesale orders in SellerCloud’s original interface.

You can configure SellerCloud uniquely for each wholesale customer:

  1. Open the Customers tab and search the Customers List. Select the wholesale customer and check the Wholesale User box. Check the Allow shipping unpaid orders box to enable shipping without payment. Enable other desired settings and Save.
  2. Credit Limit refers to the amount of credit extended. Credit Term refers to the period of time the credit is extended. For example, a customer may have a $5,000 credit over 30 days. Even if the customer uses only $2,500 in the 30 days, they must still pay the balance before being issued credit again. At this point, SellerCloud will not stop an order from shipping when exceeding the credit term. However, you can track the orders by opening the customers account and clicking Orders in the side menu. If the customer went over the term, a link will appear where you can view those orders and manually prevent their shipping.  
  3. When the payment term and credit is exceeded, you will not be able to create an order for this customer. This can be controlled, however, by the Client Setting Allow to create over Credit Limit WholeSale orders.
  4. Create your credit limits in Settings > Payments and Credit Terms. Edit a payment term or click here to add a new one. The payment term will be entered as an option in all customer profiles.
  5. The exact cost of shipping can be passed on to the wholesale customer. When the settings below are enabled, the actual cost of shipping the order to the wholesale customer will be applied to the order as the shipping cost to be calculated in the total charge. This will only applied to a wholesale order.
    1. Select the Client Setting Enable apply shipping charges to Order total > Save.
    2. Select the Customer Setting Apply shipping charges to order total > Save.
  6. Generate a wholesale order. Create a new order and check the Wholesale Orders box (only check this box if the customer profile has not been configured). This will reserve the items in the order even though payment was not yet received. It will also apply the given Purchase Order number (the Order ID number) to the invoice for payment.
  7. If the order will be paid in foreign currency, you can select the currency and enter a conversion rate. (The Client Setting Enable manual currency conversion rates must be selected first). Alternatively, you can create a separate company for international orders.
  8. To print and include an order invoice in the shipment, choose Print to PDF from the Action Menu.

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