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Wholesale customers

 Wholesale customers can be managed under the Customers tab. Locate the customer and configure the following settings.
  1. Mark customer as Wholesale Customer – to auto mark orders from the customer as wholesale.
  2. Allow Shipping unpaid orders – to allow order to be shipped without payment, as wholesale customer pay periodically.
  3. Tax exempt – Mark as tax exempt to prevent applying tax from local order.
  4. Configure wholesale pricing options – Per product, pricing calculations, discounts, shipping totals.
  5. Configure credit terms and limits.
  6. Configure default shipping options.
  7. Track Orders – Wholesale orders can be filtered on the Manage Orders grid. Orders are also saved on the customer level.
  8. Per Customer Invoice Selection – Invoices can be created for specific customers through an invoice plugin.

Wholesale orders

  1. Allow Wholesale orders to ship without payment – per customer
  2. Profit and Loss – Client Setting – Consider WholeSale Order as Paid when calculating P&L
  3. Client Setting – Default WholeSale Warehouse when creating new order – sets the warehouse from which to deduct inventory when creating wholesale orders.
  4. Client Setting – Allow to create over Credit Limit WholeSale orders.
  5. Client Setting – Stop Calculating Taxes for WholeSale orders.
  6. Client Setting – Consider item Cost Rebates for Wholesale Customers.
  7. Client Setting – Enable Wholesale Options in Manage Orders Action Menu – Adds the actions: Set As QuoteAdd to Credit MemoGenerate Statement of Accounts*
  8. Apply payment to wholesale orders in bulk – Receive check payment to be applied to multiple orders.
  9. Import orders – Import wholesale orders with file upload.
* Generate Statement of Accounts- This report can be used to see the Invoice and Payment activity on a customer during a specific time period, resulting in an ending balance. It can also be used as an A/R Aging Report to keep track and to remind a customer of sales on credit that have not yet been paid for. Once enabled, you can create a search from Manage Orders, select the relevant orders and then from the Action Menu you can select either Generate Statement of Account (PDF)  to create in PDF format or Generate Statement of Account (Excel) to create in Excel format.

Wholesale products

  1. Wholesale Price – Set a default wholesale price. Also create per-customer pricing and discounts.
  2. Require Wholesale price to be greater than set percentage of Site Cost – Client setting  Validate Selling Price is greater than ________
  3. Display Wholesale Price in Manage Inventory

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